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Flag of Yuanbeicheng
Coat of Arms of Yuanbeicheng
Coat of Arms
Nickname: Lighthouse city, Port Nevermore
Map: Location of Yuanbeicheng
Abbreviation YUAN
Province Xihaian
District Jilin
Demonym Yuanbeichengese
Mayor Fan Jin
Boroughs Yuanbeichengnian, Yuanbeichengzhangxin
Transport hubs Yuanbeicheng Sea Port
Major roads Imperial Autobahn 2
Rail connections Senya Svorgas - Jingdao Yuanbeicheng

Yuanbeicheng' is a Jingdaoese city that was previously known as Port Nevermore during the phase of its history in which it was occupied by Shireroth. The city lies in the Jilin district, which has Lubaolei as its capital, in the Xihaian province, which has Muxiecheng as its capital.