Ying Emperor

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The Ying Emperor is perceived as the 'founding father' of both the Jing, as the other Apollonian groups within the Jingdaoese Empire.

The Ying Emperor is the mythological founder of the Jingdaoese Empire. His rule lasted between 351bAN and 302 bAN, and followed upon the collapse of the Empire of the Glorious Sun, which had left the Apollonian continent in disarray.

The Ying Emperor achieved success in reorganising the people of the Empire and united its Eight Tribes under his rule:

  1. The Jing, from who he himself descended.
  2. The Heishi Tribe (Blackrockians): their warrior code was admired by all.
  3. The Daermati Tribe (Dalmacijans).
  4. The Youya Tribe (Audente / Apollanteans): this tribe would eventually grow to prominence and dominate the Realm's politics between 987 and 1451 AN.
  5. Feidao Tribe (Flying Islanders / Jasonians): this tribe would soon move to the islands west of the isle of Carolgongyan, where the isles would magically be raised into the air.
  6. The Gong Tribe: seafarers who eventually settled on Tie Gong.
  7. The Melangian Tribe: the tribe of cloud whisperers. Their ancestors were believed to rule the sky and be able to influence the weather, making them invaluable assets to a growing empire.
  8. The Badawei Tribe: predecessors of the Batavians, whom travelled westwards.