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Warring Islands

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For the Hurmu district of the same name, see the District of the Warring Islands

The Warring Islands, for a while also known as Lady Esther Isles (technically correct only for Great Warring Island and Barrow Island), is an archipelago off the north-eastern coast of the Keltian continent.

The islands of the Warring Islands are Great Warring Island, Little Warring Island and Isle of Saint John, under Nova England's de jure sovereignty, and Barrow Island, divided between Nova England and Hurmu, and Princess Fränzi Ferdinanda Island (Batavian).

Nova English Warring Islands

Warring Islands.

Exarch: N/A

Population: TBC

Capital: Hempton Bay

Counties/Wards: TBC.

The Warring Islands were reintegrated into Nova England following the completion of Operation Feng. With almost of all the original population and infrastructure long gone following a century of occupation by varying factions, it has become a blank slate available for resettlement and industrialisation.

Reorganised into the Bailiwick of Hempton (also known as the Hempton Redoubt) following the "Chairing of the Exarch" in 1682 AN.