Wan Chidao

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Wan Chidao
Wan chidao.png
Full name Wan Chidao
AKA Yang Qiang
Physical information
Species Human
Race Jingdaoese
Gender Male
Hair color and style Black
Eye color Brown
Skin color Pale
Biographical information
Father Zou Qiang
Mother He Yan
Date of birth 1637 AN (age: 73)
Place of birth Dingcheng
Residence(s) Daocheng
Nationality Jingdaoese
Allegiance(s) Jingdao
Occupation Head Steward of the Imperial Palace

Wan Chidao, born as Yang Qiang, is the head steward of the Jingdaoese Imperial Guang Palace. Wan Chidao has been a steward since 1659 AN but was promoted to the position of head steward in 1685 after the execution of his predecessor Shen Chidao. The first public appearance of the steward was in 1679 when he received a delegation from the Union Australis in the Imperial Guang Palace in Daocheng.