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Victorian Football Association

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Victoria VFA
Logo of the Victorian Football Association
Founded 2010
Headquarters Riego
FMF affiliation 2010–12, 2013–20, 2021–
AEFA affiliation 2010–12, 2013–20, 2021–

The Victorian Football Association (also known as the VFA and the Victorian FA), or Comann Ball-coise na Bhioctoria in Gaelic, is the governing body of football in Victoria and has the ultimate responsibility for the control and development of football in Victoria. Members of the VFA include clubs in Victoria. It was formed in 2010 with the establishment of the Kingdom of Victoria on Micras under the name of the Federation of Victorian Football, a name it changed in 2013.

The Victorian Football Association is a Member of the Fédération Micraise de Football and is also a member of the Apollonia and Eura Football Association. It is based in Riego.

The Victorian Football Association is responsible for the operation of the Victoria national football team and the Victorian Premiership.



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