Vankarha Phyyta Raikoth

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Vankarha Phyyta Raikoth
Vankarha Phyyta Raikoth logo.png
Elluenuueq Elluenuueq
Midnight Sun Dome
Elluenuueq Landi Mursinion
Elluenuueq Elwynn Premier League

Vankarha Phyyta Raikoth is an Elwynnese football club based in the city of Mithoth, which competes in the Elwynn Premier League.


Vankarha Phyyta Raikoth were created in 2010 and became a founder member of the Pro Soccer League for its first season. The club was infamous for resisting integration into the Elwynn Premier League, attempting to remain a part of the Pro Soccer League during both periods of Elwynnese independence and the intervening years, only to be forcibly inducted into the Elwynn Premier League following the nationalisation of the club by the Elluenuueq government in 2020.

Ahead of the 2021 season, the club were expelled from the League due to their location in rebel held Raikoth, though the FA admitted a replacement "propaganda" team called VPR 1-Elluenuueq who used similar symbols and colours to play in the Elwynn top flight. However, ahead of the 2022 season, Vankarha Phyyta Raikoth were re-admitted, yet VPR-1, which had been a successful propaganda tool, was still allowed to compete, with the Elwynn FA hoping to capitalise on the support for the club without having to deal with VPR's administration, who had historically not been too co-operative with them.


First team squad

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FMF eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FMF nationality.

No. Position Player
3 Shireroth DF Eamonn Colleran
5 Shireroth DF Andi Ausyyanion
8 Shireroth DF Moshi Ara Aulegdion
9 Shireroth GK Rhoni Himrenion
13 Shireroth DF Tenshi Anarion
15 Shireroth DF Anders Kvalstein
18 Shireroth GK Zaki Uelusion
21 Shireroth MF Sori Thiation
23 Shireroth DF Liuri Vermidion
No. Position Player
24 Shireroth MF Spixi Sidhalion
27 Shireroth GK Osifard Ua Finbarr
34 Shireroth MF Torill Rytstad
46 Shireroth FW Sdeli Korotion
50 Merenolitovina MF Tzvi Wasserman
55 Shireroth MF Dearg McCann
57 Shireroth FW Finian Ross
81 Shireroth FW Mikoli Orsedion
89 Shireroth MF Siv Larssen

Notable former players