Stellus Yastreb

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A tragic figure who was much disturbed by the pressures of Stewardship, Stellus eventually suffered a psychotic break and fled from Shirekeep, inexplicably ordering all the libraries of Lunaris burned to the ground and retreating into hiding in Mesior. Hunted down and revealed by his equally deranged sister Aegrotia after her escape from a Lichbrook asylum, Stellus was eventually summoned back to Imperial service in the role which ultimately brought about his demise and signalled the end of Yastreb prominence in Shireroth.

Stellus Ryabinevich Dolorsyn Yastreb (died c. 1622), Count of Lunaris, the son of Kaiser Mo'll I and his wife Royana Dolordotch, was the Imperial Steward of Shireroth (1614–1615) (and briefly Ruling Steward in 1615) under Kaiser Mors IV's second reign, and appointed Imperial Malarborist by Kaiseress Isa IV in 1620 after a spat with her. His forced sinecure as caretaker of Malarbor, whose gnarly hand launched Stellus to a violent death in a particularly cantankerous moment sometime during the reign of Kaiser Ayreon III – this ill omen being the narrative impetus for the remaining Yastrebs to flee the Imperial Republic.

Preceded by:
Ryabin Merkayastreb
Steward of the Imperial Republic
Succeeded by
Ryker Everstone
Preceded by:
Mors IV
Ruling Steward of the Imperial Republic
Succeeded by