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Sports City
Sports City logo.png
Sports City Artist Impression.jpg
Location Lower Valley, Northcliff
Opened 2019
Owner Confederate States of Floria Government
Operator Confederate States of Floria Government
Surface grass
Architect Flair Architecture
Capacity 114,736
Executive suites 352
Field dimensions 105m X 68m

Sports City is a multi-purpose stadium located in the Southern Suburb of Lower Valley, Northcliff. The majority of the stadium's capacity is seating however 20,000 safe standing spots are allocated. Construction started in February 2018 and was finished in late 2019. It is the national stadium of the Floria national rugby league team and Floria national football team. It cost 3.6 billion Florian Dollars in total. The stadium hosts the Grand Final of the Florian Super League each year, football national team matches and from late 2019 to early 2021, it temporarily hosted all of Northcliff United's home matches until Farrar International Stadium finished construction.

Sports City is owned by the Florian government and the Florian Football Association headquarters are in the stadium. With 114,000 seats, it is one of the largest on Micras and the second largest in the Confederate States of Floria. In addition to Floria home games and the Florian Cup final, the stadium also hosts other major games in Florian football, including the season-opening Florian Super Cup, the now-defunct Florian League Cup final, the Florian Cup final and Florian Trophy final. Outside sport, the stadium regular hosts music concerts. Florian Telecom currently sponsors the stadium and like the Florian FA, their headquarters are located in the stadium.


From the establishment of Floria, there was no designated national stadium for the country's sports teams so the Florian government proposed plans for a mega-stadium designated to become the national stadium. Cities proposed were Northcliff,Ostville and Blackoak. on the 6th December 2017, it was decided that the stadium would be built in the Lower Valley suburb of Northcliff.



Seats in the stadium are red and black, representing the colours of the National Flag. Also on the outside, the exterior glass panels are in the colours of the Florian Flag.


As it is half an hour away from the city centre, bus stops and a train station have been built for the stadium. On matchdays when open, shuttle buses operate two hours before kickoff. The service is free of charge.

Preceded by:
Büjük Birvij Stadium
FMF World Cup
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Freddie Mercury Memorial Arena