FIH Stadium

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FIH Stadium
FIH Stadium.jpg
Design of the Stadium
Full name Northcliff United Stadium
Location Northcliff
Broke ground 2018
Built 2018-2021
Opened 2021
Owner Northcliff United
Northcliff Falcons
Operator Northcliff Sports and entertainment Ltd.
Surface Artificial turf
Scoreboard Electronic
Construction cost Cr 1.6 billion
Capacity 83,000
Executive suites 16
Field dimensions 120 by 75 metres
Northcliff United
Northcliff Falcons
Floria national rugby league team

The FIH Stadium is the current home stadium of Northcliff United and Northcliff Falcons. The stadium has a capacity of 83,000 spectators. It has a retractable roof and the estimated cost of the project was Cr 1.6 billion.



In April 2018, both Northcliff United and FFL franchise Northcliff Falcons applied to the Florian government for planning permission to knock down Northcliff Arena and replace it with a top-class arena. It was approved and the project was granted $200 million in Stadium bonds. The rest of the cost was to be funded by both clubs. As Northcliff Arena was also the home stadium of the Florian Republic national rugby league team. The Florian Republic Rugby League contributed 10% of the total construction cost towards the project, an agreement was made in place to make sure that demolition did not start until the 2018 Florian Super League grand final was played.


Tenants and events