Song Chidao

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Song Chidao
Imperial Steward
In office
1659 AN – 1679 AN
Monarch Chidao Emperor

Born 1645 AN
Daocheng, Great Jing Dynasty
Nationality Jingdaoese
Occupation Imperial Spouse

Song Chidao acted as an Imperial Steward between 1659 and 1679 AN. Originally meant to serve as a future concubine to the Hai Emperor, her brilliant organisation skills made her well liked among the bureaucrats and officials. As a young girl she was therefore trained to serve the country in other ways than from within the chambers of the Emperor. When Hai died in 1657 AN and the Meiyo Empress ascended the Throne, no concubines were deemed necessary. Song was henceforth free to pursue a career within the bureaucracy.

In 1659 AN, shortly before the organised coup to replace Meiyo with the future Chidao Emperor, the 14 year old Song was promoted to act as Imperial Steward. Despite the age difference, she eventually received the attention and love of the Emperor. In 1679 AN, it was announced that she was pregnant from a daughter. She left her job as Steward and was proclaimed Huang Hou (Imperial Spouse).