Shimmerspring border wars

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The Shimmerspring border wars is a series of border skirmishes between the Republic of Shimmerspring on one side, and Sanama and Drak-Modan on the other. The first clash of forces came shortly after Shimmerspring declared independence on 9.II.1679, when Sanaman forces pursued Istvanistani Patriotic Army fighters across the border and was fired upon by IPA forces under the Shimmerspringer flag.

On 16.IX.1679, Shimmerspring was attacked from the east by raiding parties out of Caverden, dispatched by the Army of Caverden, itself newly aligned with the anti-Kalirion Brookshire Anti-Alienation League, intent upon restoring the old feudal order and of forcing the rebellious county back into submission to the Imperial Republic. In response to this incursion and the deteriorating security situation in Shimmerspring, Drak-Modan initiated the Pacification of Eastern Shimmerspring, while Sanama established the Sanaman Security Zone in Shimmerspring.