Senya in Microvision 2021

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Senya was represented at Microvision 2021 by Avril Lavigne, with the song "I'm with You".


Senya has a long history of geopolitical isolation (due to its position in Northwestern Apolonia) from its allies, along with a romantic movement which has influenced Senyan arts and culture for decades. In this song, the singer paints her confusion, in trying to find a belonging in and understanding of the world she finds herself on, whilst also acknowledging the shared strength of unity one is often comforted with in the Senyan society. Avril is the first female solo artist to represent Senya at the contest, and in her performance she partially died her hair green in a patriotic tribute to her Apollonian homeland.


Reactions and propaganda

  • Phinbella Phinbella: TOO ROMANTIC!!!!!....
  • Jingdao Jingdao (Great Apollonia Great Apollonia): "We need more patriotism. MOOOORRREEEEEE!"
  • Floria Floria: Whilst not as good compared to previous versions of Microvision. The song was still present on radio for the next couple of days after the performance.