Secretary of State for Victoria

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Secretary of State for Victoria
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Flag of Gotzborg
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Arms of His Majesty's Government
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Bjorn Olsen
since 6 February 2014
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Victoria Office
Style The Right Honourable
Member of Gotzborg Cabinet
Reports to Royal Chancellor
Appointer August Charles II
as Monarch of Gotzborg
Inaugural holder Lord Olsen
Formation 6 February 2014

His Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for Victoria (Scottish Gaelic: Rùnaire Stàite na h-Bhioctoria) is the principal minister of His Majesty's Government in Gotzborg representing Victoria. He heads the Victoria Office, a government department based in Lonenberg and Eldeburgh. The post was created soon after the Union between Victoria and Gotzborg. The Secretary of State is responsible for the Home Affairs of Victoria within Gotzborg.

The current Secretary of State is The Right Honourable Lord Olsen appointed on 6 February 2014[1] by His Majesty King August Charles II, to serve in the Royal Cabinet.

Secretaries of State

Below are a list of Secretaries of State since 2014.

Picture Name Period Monarch
Foreignsecretary.png Lord Olsen 2014 - Present August Charles I


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