Royal Navy of Rochevieux

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Royal Navy of Rochevieux
Marine Royale de Rochevieux
Rochevieux Flag.png
Country Rochevieux
Founded 1737
reformed in 2016
Branches Royal Fleet
Royal Marines
Royal Air Corps
Prince Charles III Winthrope
Chancellor Edward Hartsbane
Military age 16
Active personnel 4,005
Reserve personnel 6,210

The Royal Navy of Rochevieux (Marine Royale de Rochevieux) is the primary military force of the Principality of Rochevieux.


Since the founding of the nation in 1737, the Royal Navy has protected the people and interests of the Principality. In the Rochevais Golden Age, it helped make Rochevieux into a global power, which it continued to be (with a few setbacks in the Dark Days) until the Red Revolution of 1984, which halted the technological development that has helped the Principality survive against larger and numerically superior foes. However, with the restoration of the monarchy in 2016, the Prince vowed to revitalize the Navy along with other aspects of Rochevieux damaged in the Revolution and the ensuing Communist regime.

The Prince has expressed the desire to create a modern fighting force equipped with the latest technology. As such, he has decided to sacrifice numbers for superior training and equipment.


The Loyalist insurgency during Communist rule created the basis for modern Rochevais tactics. Small bands of guerrillas operating from hidden bases launched coordinated, precise attacks on important targets, such as supply bases and enemy leaders. These same guerrillas form the core of veteran soldiers that train today's Navy, emphasizing speed, stealth, and precision rather than brute force.


Royal Fleet

  • 1st Naval Warfare Flotilla
  • 2nd Naval Warfare Flotilla
  • 3rd Submarine Flotilla

Royal Marines

  • 1st Marine Battalion
  • 2nd Marine Battalion
  • Marine Commando Company

Royal Air Corps

  • 1st Tactical Fighter Squadron
  • 2nd Strategic Bomber Squadron