House Winthrope

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House Winthrope
House Winthrope.png
Country Principality of Rochevieux
Parent house N/A
Titles Prince(ss) of Rochevieux
Lord/Lady of Rocheportais
Founder Peter I
Final ruler N/A
Current head Charles III
Founding year AD 1737
Dissolution N/A
Deposition N/A
Ethnicity Saelish
Cadet branches

House Winthrope is the royal house of the Principality of Rochevieux. The ancestral seat of House Winthrope is Rocheport, while the Crownland of Rocheportais is their personal land holding.

Living Members

  • HI, Charles III Winthrope ("le Bâtard"), Sovereign Prince of Rochevieux (2016- )

Other Notable Members

  • HI, Peter I Winthrope ("le Conquérant"), Sovereign Prince of Rochevieux (1737-1778)
  • HI, Aurora Winthrope ("le Rénovateur"), Sovereign Princess of Rochevieux (1870-1929)