Raynor Mausoleum

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The Raynor Mausoleum. Its relative modest size makes one forgot that the Mausoleum holds a number of rooms underground. The monument itself is surrounded by remembrance shrines which worshippers can visit, some lodging facilities for travelling clergymen and offices.

The Raynor Mausoleum was build in order of Kaiser Leto III, via Imperial Decree 436, as new burial place of the Kaisers. Before this, the Kaisers got buried in the Temple of Mors in the Ancient City. In practice it was only used for burials between the period 1561–1574. Subsequently its importance diminished after the practice of internment in the Valley of Mors began in Kaiser Gaelen IV's reign.

The interior consists of a large central hall, with a series of smaller chambers and crypts branching off from it. The walls and floors are adorned with marble and mosaics, and the dome is decorated with elaborate frescoes depicting scenes from Imperial history. It was used, somewhat scandalously, as a venue for entertainments and orgies during the stewardship of the Imperial Mother. This event was also immortalized by the local clerics, whom ordered a fresco to be made to depict what had taken place. For a small fee, anyone can view the fresco, which is on display in an adjoining side building.

The Mausoleum is located within a city quarter of Shirekeep, Northshire.

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