N.E.W. Blaecscúr MRLS

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Blaecscúr MRLS

Type: Multiple Rocket Launcher
Place of origin: Nova England

In service: 860AJ - Present
Used by:
Nova England flag.png
Nova England
South Sea Islands flag.png
South Sea Islands

Designed: 858AJ
Manufacturer: Nova English Weapons

Crew: 3
Armour: 17mm high-hardness steel.
Speed: 64kmh (40mph)
Operational range: 400 km
Main armament: MR Launcher Loader Module
Secondary armament: N/A

Blaecscur MRLS.png

Production of the Blaecscúr MRLS began in 859AJ, following which there have been subsequent revisions and upgrades to the rocket munitions and the armour of the vehicle. The Blaecscúr is able to provide commanders the ability to inflict maximum damage on hostile forces within a short space of time in addition to utilising the range of the system.

Rocket Munitions & Ranges

  • MR81 – Range of 28 Miles
  • MR95 – Range of 52 Miles