Monte Glacei

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Monte Glacei
Nation: Lac Glacei Lac Glacei
Population: ~84,000
Predominant language: Common tongue, Lac Glaceian

Main roads: Rt 10, Rt 20
Major districts: Highmark, Verde, Lacview, Riviera

Current mayor: Vivienne Cruthier
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The city of Monte Glacei is the capital and second-largest city of Lac Glacei (next to Alpreaux). It is Lac Glacei's second capital, founded at a later date, during the Grand Revival era as a more centralized location. Thanks to careful community planning with development, the city grew at an exponential rate. Only the neighborhood of Riviera retains the historic character of the original village that once existed on the site.

Since the 1690s the city has become an important technology and government hub. With Lac Glacei's growing regional influence the city has seen a sharp increase in administrative jobs. It has also become the main location for the budding Lac Glaceian film industry.