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As the Kalirion Fracture led to the unravelling of the Imperial Republic of Shireroth, the Imperial Forces themselves began to disintegrate. However, as the main driver, in terms of contributions of personnel, equipment, and financial support, to the Raspur Pact, Shireroth was too invested in the Pact, and the Pact was too invested in Shireroth, for the falling away of the formerly paramount power of the Benacian continent to be countenanced. Fall Luikur would see Pact-Loyalists ruthlessly turn upon the remaining Imperialists in order to secure 25% of land forces, 50% of naval forces, 75% of aviation assets, and 75% of auxiliary forces, only to be defeated in their ultimate objective of a complete takeover of the Imperial Forces by the scale of the popular uprisings against the Imperial system and the sheer scale of the territorial dispersion of the isolated garrisons, depots, and manufacturies. In spite of this ultimate failure, the Benacian Stabilisation Force remained true to its objective - a Benacian continent, unified and obedient, secure as one of the foremost powers of the grand anti-USSO coalition. In consequence, the Black Legions were formed from the remnant of the Imperial Forces who had remained true to the vision of Nationalist-Humanism which had animated the Imperial Republic during its apogee as a global power. More...