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The Mehl are one of the several groups of Natopian people. Their homeland is located around Lindstrom and the Flaventian duchy of Haven. They willing joined Nett Opaegh during his campaigns of conquest on Yellow Island in order to marginalize their nomadic rival neighbors, the Draconians. For most of early Natopian history, the Mehl people were the most numerous group of people in Natopia, their culture pervaded the country, and many people in power had Mehl ancestry. They speak Istvanistani but used their own alphabet until switching to the Latin alphabet after Nett Opaegh. When Natopian colonies were established, the bulk of the settlers were often Mehl, resulting in their numbers spreading and growing faster than other Natopian groups.

Due to their dominance in population size, geographic distribution throughout the empire and their origins in "old Natopia", historic presence, and over-representation in media, they are often seen as the average Natopian, a term that is officially discouraged by the Natopian government, but often used by various industries to target the largest demographic of Natopians. In recent years, other groups of people are quickly growing in size such as Neridians, Thalassans, and New Alexandrians.