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The phrase 'Lovely Sector' is generally applied to new micronations which made their appearance in the Micran Sector after the broadcast of Danny Wallace's How to Start Your Own Country and subsequent creation of the Kingdom of Lovely in August-September 2005. The foundation of Lovely generated a lot of interest in seccessionist micronationalism, and a great number of micronations which became affiliated with the MCS originally had seccessionist leanings- presumably inspired by Lovely- but later became fully simulationist after applying for land on Micras.

Lovely itself eventually did claim land on Micras but its presence caused a great deal of resentment and a lack of communication with other Micran nations and some misinformed citizens of the nation claiming that 'Danny Wallace invented micronationalism' were just some of the catalysts for the Lovely War of 2007 which all but removed the nation from the MCS map. Although Wallace himself did show a level of knowledge as to the simulationist micronational community (even going as far as to sign treaties of recognition with Treithar, Babkha, Riponia, Shireroth, Antica, Gotzborg, Stormark, Anthelia, and Natopia), most Lovelian citizens did not engage with the Micran Sector whatsoever. Disputes as to what constituted the legitimate government of Lovely after Wallace left the project- the J-DIC being the most active claimant in terms of interaction with Micran Nations- helped divide Lovely even further and a few of these governments later became micronations of their own right, Beaugium being the most well-known of them.

Usage and Controversy

The phrase Lovely Sector came to be seen as something of a derogatory term when it first entered into common use amongst Micran nations- it was partially a political term for the sake of convenience, to denote nations which arrived around late 2005 from those which were founded earlier, but others used it as a synonym for immature, amateur micronations which they believed Lovely had largely influenced. For example, many nations which came into the Micran Sector which had no prior association with Lovely at the time were called Lovely Sector Nations, simply due to their being founded in late 2005 to early 2006. This was particularly noticable with the CIS and its member states being branded as a Lovely Sector Organisation, despite the fact that some of them had no historical relationship with Lovely. By 2009 the phrase had arguably lost a lot of its meaning and former baggage as Lovely Sector nations had either, like Lovely, disintegrated or had become successful, established nations of their own right regardless of their heritage.