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Langefer family

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The Langefer family is a banking founding family in Akhidia. It is the richest family in Akhidia. It was founded by the grandfather of the family, Gabbak Langefer, and it was founded in 1698.

The family bank had shares and information of Velen III, one of the former Akhidia kings. Velen III found out about this and sued the bank; the Langefer family paid a total of 1 Million Akhidian Zendert. The company has information on Prince Edward and Neil I. The company has a total wealth of 54 Million Zendert and their wealth is still increasing. The family has 1 Hotel in Finch city and 2 in Jehaf city, and they have villas.

Many citizens in Akhidia get insurance from this bank. The family is planning to expand to many countries.