LandFara MOD Series

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LandFara MOD Series

Type: Protected Patrol Vehicle
Place of origin: Nova England

In service: 2017 - present (Prev. 1979-2008)
Used by:

Designed: 1979
Manufacturer: LandFara Vehicles Ltd

Crew: 1 (Driver)
Armour: Composite Armour
Speed: 97kpm (60mph)
Operational range: 510 km
Main armament: 7.62mm GPMG; or 105mm Recoilless Rifle
Secondary armament: Personal Weapons

Landfara MOD Series 4x4.png

The LandFara MOD Series, is a militarised variant of the popular civilian utility 4x4 Scildere. The vehicle was originally released in 1979 and quickly entered service with the Nova English Armed Forces, performing a multitude of roles from troop transport, reconnaissance and casualty evacuation. In 2008 the vehicle was replaced by the N.E.W. FA-12 Jeep, however following the Evacuations and the Great Disaster the LandFara MOD Series was reintroduced into the Nova English Armed Forces due to its reliability and economy of production.