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LGBT rights in Calbion

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LGBT rights in Calbion
Same-sex sexual activity legal? Not officially forbidden
Same-sex marriage Illegal
Adoption Illegal
Military service Don't ask, don't tell
Discrimination protections No

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, intersexual, queer and transsexual rights in Calbion are highly limited. Calbion is a very traditional country, and the strong presence of the Calbain Church has ensured that traditionalist views of marriage and sexual relations prevails. The conservative view of the Calbain Church partly derives from South Batavia, where homosexuality was deemed deeply immoral. The law of Calbion explicitly defines marriages as A sacred oath between a man and a woman, to ensure the survival of our people for the ages. The immediate connection between marriage and reproduction is deeply rooted in the troubled history of the Calbain, who have faced extinction on three separate occasions.

As with any moral legislation, the restrictions on LGBT+ activities are difficult to enforce. In practice, same-sex partnerships and sexual activity is not prosecuted. That is not to say that they are accepted, there are many instances known of homosexual couples that have been excluded from communities. This is mostly something that occurs in the smaller Calbain villages, that are strongly traditionalist. The government does not provide any incentive for these "purges" but also has not established legal protection against them.

LGBT rights have been the subject of political debate for several years. Some liberal members of the Nationalist faction have proposed to create the possibility of a civil partnership for LGBT couples. The Realists remain staunchly opposed to any liberalisation in this field. The Calbain attitude towards LGBT rights has led to international troubles as well, when anti-LGBT propaganda was used in the pirate proxy-war against Natopia. The choice of Calbain pirate leader Callaghan to attack a holiday resort that was widely known to attract homosexuals was also deemed to be on purpose. In addition, the Calbain government received a lot of criticism in the international community for the way the incident was portrayed in the media.

Detailed chart

Same-sex sexual activity legal Yes Not explicitly forbidden but contrary to the prevailing societal norms
Gender expression No No possibilities for transition or self-identification
Age of consent 15 (for heterosexual relationships)
Anti-discrimination laws in employment No No
Anti-discrimination laws in the provision of goods and services No No
Conversion therapy Yes Legal, and provided by the Calbain Catologian Church
Anti-discrimination laws in all other areas (incl. indirect discrimination, hate speech) No No specific regulation exists
Same-sex marriage No Illegal and unrecognised
Recognition of same-sex unions No No
Joint and step-child adoption by same-sex couples No Illegal and unrecognised
Gay people allowed to serve openly in the military No No, in practice: "don't ask, don't tell"
Right to change legal gender No No
Access to IVF for lesbians No No
MSMs allowed to donate blood No No
Third gender No Traditional gender roles are strictly adhered to
Surrogacy No Illegal