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Flag of Kiladôr

Kiladôr (also: Kiladoor, Elw for "north land") was one of the six lands of Elwynn during the reign of Prince Jonathan Ayreon-Kalirion (1618–1623). The lands were abolished after the end of the Princely Period, and the title of Lord of Kiladôr is a currently an hereditary and symbolic title, used by the Heads of the House of Verion.

Kiladôr generally held land in the north of Elwynn. The name was reprised in the short-lived Northern Commonwealth's official name, the Northern Commonwealth of Greater Cimmeria and Kiladôr.

The Flag

The flag of Kiladôr is a highly symbolic flag, representing various aspects that are characteristic for the native culture of the land. The flag has 5 tails, which represent the 5 cultural areas included in Kiladôr: Cimmeria, Cape Farewell, Wintergleam, Agnesia and Lesser-Iserdia. The two blue bands represent both the Elwynn river and the northern sea. Dark blue is also the colour of both Elfinshi and Elwynnese groups.

The green stand for the many forests that can be found in Kiladôr. It also represents the lovely green pastures of Wintergleam. The white stag of Elwynn is depicted on the flag as a reminder of Elwynnese heritage and history. The white stag has remained an important cultural symbol in Elwynn, especially in the Northern Reaches.