KRN Ábbada

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National Television Service Ábbad
Késanatonal Résicosa Nése Ábbada
Type Radio, Satellite television, Terrestrial television broadcaster
Branding Radio and television service
Country Palesmenia
Availability Palesmenia, Krasnocoria
Motto Fór Mánázar ta Talibaté-Lý, Káres vís kál!
From Manazar to Talibate-Ly, we're with you!
Licence area Palesmenia
Headquarters Ábbad
Owner Palesmenian Ministry of Entertainment
Key people Íodha Halá, Juédha Miyé
Established 10-30 175 NDS
Television service KRN 01
KRN 02
KRN 03
Radio service KRNÁ Radio 1
KRNÁ Radio 2
Group Southeast Keltian Television Group

The National Television Service Ábbad (Palesmenian: Késanatonal Résicosa Nése Ábbada, ABV: NTSÁ, KRNÁ) is the national television and radio service for Palesmenia. The station is owned and maintained directly by the Palesmenian Ministry of Entertainment. It broadcasts in PLST-B standards, known for producing a slight red hue when viewed (due to the cheap broadcasting equipment used to broadcast). The station runs 3 television stations and 2 radio stations.


The channel has received criticism due to its broadcasting of propaganda movies and commercials. The station has stated that they play these for entertainment, and not for propaganda purposes.