June 2006 Alexandrian Prime Ministerial elections

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The June 2006 Alexandrian Prime Ministerial elections are scheduled for June 9th to June 13th, 2006. The winner serving a four-month term as Prime Minister of the Empire, replacing Prime Minister Matthieu Poitiers of the Alexandrian Conservative Party, who has served two-terms in office. The winner of the election shall serve a four-month term ending in November 2006.


Incumbent Matthieu Poitiers has decided not to seek re-election due to real-life matters that have kept him away from Alexandria for the last few weeks. The Alexandrian Conservative Party urged rising star Jose Frias to file his papers to run against Speaker of Parliament and MP from Valenciennes Pete James of the People's Democratic Party.


With 63.6% of the vote, Jose Frias won the election against Pete James' 36.4% of the vote.

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