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Ithnin bin Khamis

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IK Ranggi
Birth name Ithnin bin Khamis
Also known as Tok Dalang
Born (-63BP-12-06) December 6, -63BP (age 82)
San Furansōkyō, Maritime Kachi Kochi
Origin Kampung Durian Runtuh, Forajasaki
Genres Trot · traditional · Fora pop
Occupations Singer
Years active -45BP–present
Labels OVA Productions · Leming Records
Associated acts Ariffin Abdul Salam

Ithnin bin Khamis, or known as IK Ranggi and Tok Dalang, is a Phinbellan-born Forajasakian singer. He is known for the Phineaner songs, verses, poems and gurindam that became hot in Forajasaki. He now lives in Kampung Durian Runtuh as the village head there. He was an influential singer in the history of music at Phinbella and Forajasaki. Ithnin began his career in -45BP, and he became a champion in a reality show in -40BP.