Imperial United

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Imperial United
Malak Stadium and Fighting Pit
Alduria Jean Alexandre Martin
Pro Soccer League

Imperial United is a Shirerithian football club based in the city of Shirekeep, which competes in the Pro Soccer League.


Imperial United were created in 2010 and became a founder member of the Pro Soccer League for its first season. In March 2017 there were evicted from the Docklands Stadium after being served with a compulsory purchase order by the Shirekeep Reconstruction Committee. Imperial United now shares the Malak Stadium and Fighting Pit with the Shirerithian national side.


First team squad

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FMF eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FMF nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Shireroth GK Joseph King
2 Shireroth DF Michael Madison
4 Shireroth DF Billy Keys
5 Tellia DF Marcel Carlão (c)
6 Shireroth DF Sharukh Masood
7 Shireroth MF David Christensen
8 Shireroth MF Joey Abrour
9 Shireroth FW Jake Andersson
11 Nouvelle Alexandrie MF Patrice Richard
12 Shireroth GK James Burke
14 Shireroth MF Zig Cee
No. Position Player
15 Merenolitovina MF Dovid Mahler
17 Shireroth DF Larry Wicks
18 New Sussex MF Freddy Donovan
19 Shireroth FW Mikey Smith
20 Craitland FW Alexei Emir
21 Shireroth DF Rob Anthony
22 Passas MF Mihail Volkov
26 Shireroth DF Greg Sharp
29 Shireroth MF Tommy O'Farrell
45 Shireroth FW Eddie Davison
84 Shireroth GK Edson Moreira

Notable former players