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Heartlanders' Interests League

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Heartlanders' Interests League (HIL) was a political party in Hurmu. It was considered a minority interests party, for persons of former Storish or Vanic ethnicity or religion but have been rehabilitated back in society. The party decried perceived discrimination, loss of property, loss of privileges. In the 1695 Assembly elections, it received 2.56% of the national vote, with two members of the Assembly.

In 1705 AN the two delegates of the party attended a public and televised struggle session organised by the Prime Minister, where they were invited to acknowledge the crimes of the Storish folk and the Vanic religion. At the culmination of the meeting, having been obliged to recite line by line the Ballad of the Bed of Orchids to the accompaniment of a jeering chorus of student protestors, the delegates renounced their former defence of an untenable cultural identity and promised to sit in the Assembly thereafter as independents.

The organisation was officially proscribed in VII.1706 AN following the commencement of a Vanic insurgency in the Southern District.