Hallgrím Aðalgeirsson

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Hallgrím Aðalgeirsson (1398–1485) was the first and only president of Hurmu (the Hurmu Republik) under its republican constitution of 1476.

Hallgrím was born along in central Lyrica in 1398. His parents were nomads, but Hallgrím had a proficiency for study, and was sent to the nearest town (unknown which) for school. He late recalled that his favourite subjects were Istvanistani and history. After school, he trained as a lawyer, working in the Hurmu tradition of mediating disputes under Hurmu common law.

Towards the latter half of the 15th century, it became increasingly necessary for the Hurmu nation to codify its law, and modernise it for the emerging world with more international trade and conflict. At the same time, Stormark was pushing further against Hurmu, and only a chance encounter with High King Harald and his wife saved the Hurmudans from genocide (instead, the Hurmu hospitality shown to Harald and his then wife rather guaranteed Hurmu independence). As such, Hurmu chieftains and lawyers, including Hallgrím, met in Huyenkula, then a village, to discuss the situation. After a few weeks, they enacted a constitution under republican principles and elected Hallgrím their first president of the Hurmu Republik.

As such, in 1476, Hurmu emerged as a sovereign entity. Hurmu was immediately met with resistance from the defunct Lyrican government which threatened Hurmu with war. Due to Hurmu's pacifist tendencies, it had no army. Other nations, such as Baracão and Menelmacar, came to Hurmu's aid. Hallgrím's old age made him feel that he was not strong enough to deal with the stresses of international diplomacy, and he sought out a permanent protectorate with Menelmacar, Hurmu's closest friend.

Upon the conclusion of the treaty establishing a protectorate over Hurmu, Hallgrím retired to live in the wilderness with his three dogs.

He never married and he had no children. He was found dead by a cousin in the summer of 1485. The coroner believed he died from heat stroke. A state funeral was held in Huyenkula, attended by dignitaries from around the world, including Elenaran Archetype of Menelmacar, Governor Ric Lyon of Hurmu, and Shirerithian nobleman Ari Jouksiaisenpoika.

Preceded by:
Position established
President of Hurmu Republik
Succeeded by
Richard Lyon (as Governor)