Forajasaki in Microvision 2021

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Forajasaki was represented at Microvision 2021 by The Fold, with the song "The Pirate Whip".


This song was Forajasakian Armed Forces' patriotic song during Fora Emergency from 1948 to 1950. The song used again in 10 September riots. This song was used as opening of sixth season of Ninjago.


Reactions and propaganda

  • New Batavia New Batavia: "The music rocks! Too bad there is no show :-("
  • Phinbella Phinbella: The song instills a patriotic spirit in the Forajasakian community, and also fosters a similar spirit in the Phinbellan community itself.
  • Senya Senya: This rock performance was greatly appreciated in Senya, with many whipping out their old air guitar in their sitting rooms.