FMRL World Club Championships

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The FMRL World Club Championships is the international rugby league club competition on Micras. The first edition was held in 2018.


The top-two sides from the RLM Super 12, as well as the top clubs from Craitland, Florian Republic and Senya all automatically qualify for the group stage. The remaining two spots are competed for by clubs from all other FMRL member nations.

Previous tournaments

Year Host Winners Score Runners-up Losing semi-finalists
Mercury Mercury Mercury Deacon RLFC 30–15 Florian Republic Northsilver Panthers Mercury Cook Island Cobras
Senya Eprat RLFC
Florian Republic Florian Republic Mercury Deacon RLFC 21–8 Mercury Mercury RLFC Florian Republic Northsilver Panthers
Senya Eprat RLFC