FC Brabantia

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FC Brabantia
Napian Serie A
FC Brabantia kit.png

FC Brabantia was a Napian football club based in the city of Brabantia, which competed in Napian Serie A. The manager was Urguk Takanal and the club's stadium was the Stadio Napianeso. They shared this stadium with local rivals A.C. Napianeso.


FC Brabantia were created in 2011 and became a founding member of Napian Serie A for its first season. The side was relegated to the Napian Serie B in its first season with two games to spare. However, in the 2013 season FC Brabantia won back its status in the Serie A after gaining promotion from the Serie B.


Final 2020 squad

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FMF eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FMF nationality.

No. Position Player
1 North Antarctica GK William Preuve
2 North Antarctica DF Pelo Petrona
3 North Antarctica DF Mark Stevensen
4 North Antarctica DF Wagner Wiltz
5 North Antarctica MF Lorel Blanchey
5 Mercury FW Liam Stanley
7 North Antarctica MF Timothy Satcher
8 North Antarctica FW Tyler Robinson
9 Alduria FW Óscar Della Pello
10 North Antarctica MF Heimrich Graaf (c)
11 Craitland FW Tór Pellegrino
12 North Antarctica DF Nickolas Paest
13 North Antarctica GK Nathaniel Isreal
No. Position Player
14 North Antarctica DF Mike Collins
15 North Antarctica MF David Phelps
16 Natopia DF Jonjo Mawar
17 Tellia FW Alejandro Faluzzi
18 North Antarctica FW Bjorn Frederich
19 Raspur MF Mahfuz Abdul-Ghafar
20 North Antarctica GK Earl Plath
21 North Antarctica DF Frans Happoja
21 North Antarctica DF Charles Ive
23 Alduria MF Joudan Fabiao
24 Kingdom of Coria MF Janckor Patić
25 Kingdom of Coria FW Miro Patić

Notable Former Players