Eliria Aerodrome

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Formerly the Airport servicing Eliria, the one-time Elwynnese metropolis and administrative capital.

Considered in its heyday to be "capacious, exceedingly modern, and thoroughly dull". Rebuilt during the early 1650's as Froyalanish faux-historical details added in the 1630s, known as follies by those inclined to try and treat the conceit as endearing (turrets, crenellation, gargoyles, a drawbridge for heavens sake...), were systematically ripped out.

Ranked first for "efficiency" and "incidences of anomie-induced despair" by the Imperial Guild of Benacian Aerodromes in 1652.

Rendered inoperable and abandoned following the Scouring and the destruction of central Eliria which occurred on 20.XIV.1695 AN in the concluding phase of the Second Elwynnese Civil War.