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Economy of Calbion

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The Economy of Calbion is strongly based around the seafaring and entrepreneurial nature of the nation. The Calbain have always been a seafaring and trading people. Since the establishment of the Calbain state, this practice continued. Initially, the Calbain economy was largely dependent on the South Batavians, but in the late 16th century, the nation started to open trade with Shireroth, Babkha, Elwynn and Natopia. The Iron Company established presence in Calbion during the 1640s, which led to a great increase in trade and wealth. Today, Calbion remains committed to the idea of international free trade. Most foreign trade from Calbion is conducted through the Princely Exploration and Trading Company.

Through its network of trade, Calbion has a well-developed colonial past. At the height of the Calbain colonial empire in the late 1640s, the nation owned several substantial possessions in the East and the Skerries. In the 1680s, the Calbain government sought to reinvigorate the colonies. During the early years of the 1690s, many colonies were established in Keltia and Cibola, greatly adding to the GDP of Calbion.

Calbion is a major producer of raw materials such as hardwood, iron, copper and coal. In addition, Calbion has one of the worlds largest shipbuilding sectors, as well as a reasonably well-developed manufacturing industry. Due to Calbion being a relatively rural nation, agriculture remains the largest sector of industry. The keeping of, and provision for, livestock, mainly cows, sheep and chickens is a significant percentage of this.

Trade and Commerce Association

Companies licensed to conduct business in Calbion are registered at the Trade and Commerce Association (Cymdeithas Masnach).

Registered Companies

Company Logo Company Name Products & Services Company headquarters Registry date Notes
x Afal Aur Alcoholic Beverages Llewin 1683 Largest producer of Cider
Atoomkracht.png Atoomkracht Electricity, Nuclear Energy Solwch 1656 Originally established as the nuclear energy producer of Kasterburg. Following the union of Batavia and Kasterburg, the company moved towards the sparsely populated island of Ura'Byach, which has a long history of atomic energy research and nuclear innovation.
CC.png Coldwater Company Conglomerate Holding Company, trade, finance, resource extraction, shipping Pentyre (joint headquarters in Kalen, Elwynn) 1677 Originally established in Elwynn, but moved to Calbion after the expulsion of Verionism by Raspurid forces. Partly returned to Elwynn during the Civil War.
Drag'on logo.png Dragon Motors Vehicle Manufacturing Porth Lewis 1695 Conglomeration of various vehicle manufacturers, of Sanpanese origin
x Iard Longau Pentyre Shipyard Pentyre 1597 One of the oldest and largest shipyards on Micras.
PETC Stylised.png Princely Exploration and Trading Company Trade, colonial ventures, resource extraction, shipping, finance Pentyre 1638 (as Iron Company) Set up after the restructuring of the Iron Company