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The Conservative Historical Party (CHP), also known as the Conservative Historical Party in Elwynn, was a political party in Elwynn. The party had a delegation of 11 representatives in the Elwynnese congress elected from East Amokolia between 1675 and 1678. Since 11.VII.1678 AN the party has been banned in Elwynn for supporting the Froyalanish and Vanic cause. All party members, candidates, donors and affiliates were arrested.

This party was seen as a sister party of the ruling majority party of Francia, the Konservative Historische Partei (KHP) (Common Tongue: Conservative Historical Party). Officially there were no relations between the parties, yet the ban on the Elwynnese party led to a diplomatic crisis between Elwynn and Francia. The Frankish government, in protest, placed speakers along the border with Elwynn, who scanned the Vinandy Song. The Elwynnese Army bombarded the speakers with mortar grenades, which Francia interpreted as a violation of her sovereignty and therefore an act of war. This started the Second Amokolian War.


The Conservative Historical Party strived for a reunited independent Amokolia for the long term under Frankish flag. The party recognizes the West-Eastern border, the Amokolian internal border, and strives for peaceful unification. Cooperation in trade, development and preservation of culture.

The party presents itself as conservative and monarchist. Therefore, the party is associated with the Frankish Kaiser.


The party performed the following actions from the Elwynnses congress:

  • Vote against the appointment of Nila Valgarai to Conducător of the Elwynnese Republic.
  • Vote against the motion of no confidence against Prince Ander Avon-El.
  • Vote in favor of the motion of no-confidence against Nila Valgarai, Conducător of the Elwynnese Republic.
  • Vote against the appointment of Meqael Mizarielion to Conducător of the Elwynnese Republic.
  • Vote against the Normark Admission Bill, to join Normark as an autonomous republic within the Elwynnese Republic.

Disaster year 1678

The elections for the Elwynnese congress in 1678 went well for the party, as it gained 11 delegates. The day after the elections, on 11.VII.1678 AN, the party was banned by a judgment of the Court of Star Chamber. The party was judged "too" supportive of the Froyalanish and Vanic cause. The seats in the Congress were recalculated, as if the party had never participated in the elections.