Cimmerian Brandywine

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A bottle of Cimmerian Brandywine

Cimmerian Brandywine is one of the most important export products of Cimmeria. Made exclusively out of grapes from the island of Tundrok, Cimmerian Brandywine is a strong and tough drink. It contains a respectable alcohol percentage of 65, and has a distinctive light brown colour.

The Brandywine is not only very popular among the Elwynnese military, where it came as the number two favourite drink in a 1612 survey, but also with the general populace, especially in areas marked by economic decline following the wars and revolutions of the last century. Further uses of Cimmerian Brandywine can be as diverse and suprising as a meassure of interrogation by the Cudgellers-at-arms, and as an anesthetic in Eliria's largest hospitals.