Chi Nam

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Republic of Chi Nam
Chí Nam Cong Hòa
Official language English, Vietnamese
Capital New Saigon
Largest cities New Kowloon
Website Chi Nam Website
Forum Chi Nam Forum
Number of citizens 3
Number of active citizens 0 (Nation Inactive)
Date founded February 2006
Government Parliamentary Democracy
Current leader Hieu
Currency Chi Dong (₫)
National animal Dragon
National fruit/food unknown
National drink cà phê sữa đá
Map versions 7.0.6 - 8.0.0


Chi Nam was a Vietamese themed Republic founded in February 2006 by Hieu a micronationalist himself of Vietnamese descent. Formerly founded in late 2005 as a colony of Nova England and then of Jamzinia, Chi Nam declared independence in 2006 with Hieu as its first President, filing an MCS claim shortly thereafter. The new Republic was heavily influenced by the macronational state of South Vietnam, as can be seen by its flag. Chi Nam itself was also influenced by the interests of its founder and invested heavily in micronational sports and telecommunications. Soon after the Republic's independence, it formed links with other Asian-themed micronations which by mid 2006 had begun to appear rapidly on Keltia such as St.Fenix's state of Middle Korea. Chi Nam's first intermicronational conflict began around this time, with the nation of Manslayronia- founded as a front for spammers to investigate and attack micronations- tried to attack New Oscland and Middle Korea and were eventually defeated by allied Chi-Namese and Middle Korean forces. Manslayronia was annexed by Middle Korea and eventually donated to T'aishen and Taesong.

Despite some initially popular cultural development Chi Nam had become inactive by July 2006, partially due to hacker attacks on its forum and website, and signed an agreement with New Brittania by which the northern area of Chi Nam was to become New South Vietnam with its capital at New Saigon, a colony of New Brittania, and the South was to become the newly independent Former Chinamese Republic of T'aishen (FCR T'aishen) a Cantonese themed micronation also led by Hieu. T'aishen never reached the MCS map as an independent nation as it had joined the breakaway mapping organisation the MMES (Micronational Map and Economy Service, founded in April 2006) and was refused Micran land, though it would later join Micras as a CIS member state. Hieu would also later on declare Taesong, formerly a subdivision of New Avon province of Chi Nam (itself a Nova English territory) independent as the Republic of Taesong in July 2006. As such, Chi Nam and its many provinces served as the base from which many of Hieu's various Asian-themed micronations were built.

The New Brittanian colony of New South Vietnam remained on the MCS map for long after Chi Nam's death and the name 'New South Vietnam' can be considered perhaps the best description of Chi Nam's inspiration as a micronation.


Chi Nam, as previously mentioned, was heavily influenced by macronational South Vietnam, and a great deal of its culture was a re-imagining of modern day Vietnamese culture without communist influence on society and culture. Vietnamese and English were both official languages, with French and Cantonese classed as 'secondary' (French being the former colonial language of macronational Vietnam). The Cantonese also signifies the nation being heavily influenced by China, and more particular Hong Kong, leading to some people believing that the micronational name derived from a play on of China and Vietnam. Hieu himself stated that the choice of name for Chi Nam's capital city (New Saigon) was made to commemorate the former South Vietnamese capital of Saigon, renamed Ho Chi Minh City in 1976 after its fall to the Vietnamese Communists. Cantonese influence in Chi Nam was also noticable with a major city named Kowloon, as was the influence of its former Nova English rulers.

Variants of the Chinamese National Seal

The nation's official motto was simply 'Tự Do' ('Liberty' in Vietnamese), which could be seen on Chi Nam's official seal, which depicted the national flag and a golden dragon, the Chinamese national animal.