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Calbic language

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Spoken natively in Calbion Calbion
Language family


  • Calbic
Writing system Latin
Official status
Official language in Calbion Calbion
Language codes
MOS-9 codes ca

The Calbic language is one of the older languages of Micras that originated in Calbion as the language of the Calbain people. It remains the most widely spoken, and official language of Calbion. Calbic is part of the Proto-Calbi language family that includes Treesian. Exponents of Calbic have shaped other languages such as Florian and certain Storish dialects.

Celebaradian Calbic

A particular exponent of Calbic is Celebaradian, or Western Calbic. This is the language spoken in the Calbain-influenced areas of East Keltia, most notably the North Island of Feanoria. Celebaradian Calbic has significant influences from the Norse and even the Menelmacari languages. A prominent feature is the dropping of the y for the i. It is the official language in the Kingdom of Celebarad, and a recognised minority language in Calbion.