Brabant Rovers

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Brabant Rovers
Napian Serie A
Brabant Rovers kit.png

Brabant Rovers were a Napian football club based in the city of Brabantia, which competed in Napian Serie A. The manager was Tasci Mentash and the club's stadium was the Martin I Stadia.


Brabant Rovers were created in 2011 and became a founding member of Napian Serie A for its first season.


Final 2020 squad

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FMF eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FMF nationality.

No. Position Player
1 North Antarctica GK William Rhodes
2 North Antarctica DF Heinz Guard
3 North Antarctica DF Sasho Mladovic
4 North Antarctica DF Micka Marich
5 North Antarctica DF Kieran West
6 North Antarctica DF Bol Wilfried
7 North Antarctica MF Rafael Caro
8 Alduria FW Akbar Razim
9 Alduria MF Matteo Cordova Marín (c)
10 Shireroth FW Raine Vlondett
11 Alduria MF José Antonio Marín
12 North Antarctica MF Peter Lost
13 North Antarctica GK William Mathews
No. Position Player
14 North Antarctica FW Younes Abdulfarid
15 Shireroth MF Mark ronPettlegaard
16 North Antarctica DF Nicholas West
17 New Vaduz FW Epstein Kraul
18 Nova England FW Richard Coult
19 North Antarctica DF Ryan Potters
20 Batavia GK Rouge Blanc
21 North Antarctica DF William Heisenhoff
22 Tiana FW Kalvin Ozzie
23 North Antarctica DF Junior Pereira
24 Elwynn FW Yngvi Miskjalendzki
25 North Antarctica FW Castor Moura
-- North Antarctica FW Rodney Wil

Notable Former Players


  • Four Nations Stage Two Winner: 1