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Flag of Benacium
Coat of Arms of Benacium
Coat of Arms
Motto: Senatus Populusque Benacus (S.P.Q.B.) Catologian
The Senate and the People of Benacia
Common Tongue
Location of Benacium
Administrative Division Prince bishopric Catologum
Founded ~500 BN
Demonym Benacian
Leadership Jurrien Faure
Transport hubs Benacium Airport
Major roads A12 and A28
Rail connections Dorestat (Francia), Paderburgh, Pentapolis and Schorrabosch

Benacium is a city in the Kingdom of Batavia, located in the Principality of Catologum. The city lies at the junction of the rivers Oder and Sheyn. The city became the headquarters of the Franco-Batavian Empire in 1684 AN.


Earliest history


Benacian Empire

The city grew as the Benacian Empire grew. After the Kingdom of Austrasia was subdued, the advance of the Benacians began over large parts of the continent of Benacia. The city of Benacium functioned as the capital of the empire, but lost that status after a bloody civil war.

Kingdom of Batavia

In 1546 AN the city and surrounding area came under the flag of Batavia. As a result, this area was classified as a region, with Benacium becoming the capital. This function kept the city until the fall of the Kingdom of Batavia. After the revival of Batavia, the city again came under the Batavian flag as part of the Treaty on the Unification of Batavia between the Kingdom of Batavia and the Imperial Republic of Shireroth. When the lordships were classified, the area was assigned to the prince-bishopric of Catologum.

Union city

During the formation of the Franco-Batavian Empire, the city became the union city. The founding document of the union was written in and named after the city: Pact of Benacium. This made the city the headquarters of the union. It is from this role that various union institutes are established in the city. One of those union institutions will be the Union Parliament.