Keizerlijke en Koninklijke Strijdkrachten van Batavië

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Batavian Armed Forces
Bataafse Strijdkrachten
Coat of arms
Country Batavia (Shireroth)
Founded 1523
Branches Leeuwenkorps
Vrije Weermacht
Bataafse Koninklijke Luchtmacht
Bataafse Koninklijke Zeemacht
Headquarters 's Koningenwaarde, Batavia
Prime Minister of Batavia Paulus de Withe
Field Marshal August Baerdemans
Military age 18
Active personnel 148,800 (1685)
Reserve personnel 140,000 (1685)

The Batavian Armed Forces, known under the name Bataafse Strijdkrachten, is the national military of the Kingdom of Batavia. In 1669 AN, the Armed Forces were mainly composed of militias and 'leftovers' of the formerly occupying armies made up the main part of the Forces. Attempts to streamline the several military organisations under the Baerdemans Cabinet, with the passing of the Law on Batavian Armed Forces, were met with resistance and ultimately failed. As a consequence, the troops present during the coronation of Arkadius IV were a mixed bag of military ranks, uniforms and even nationalities (as the armed forces of the Dominion of Batavia consisted of Shirerithians).

During the reign of king Arkadius IV, the army was reorganised and its structure streamlined. The Leeuwenkorps grew in size and united the hundreds of smaller militias during the 1670's. During the Batavian Revolution, part of the armed forces was in shambles or ignored orders to shoot on the masses. Confronted with the high costs to keep the Forces in active duty, prime minister de Withe promised to limit the Army's size to 30,000 troops by 1688 AN.



For equipment details, please see: Equipment of the Imperial Frankish Army

The Leeuwenkorps, originally founded as the Leeuwenbrigade, constituted a 148,800‬ man strong field-army tasked with the territorial defence of the Kingdom of Batavia. The main forces are located in the south, along the border with Kasterburg, and the east, across the border into West Amokolia, to meet potential treats posed by the Black Legions and the Military of Kalgachia.

  • Eastern Division: 39,600 personnel in 33 regiments, 198 KFA Mk 4m main battle tanks and 66 AMK Johannsdorf Panzer self-propelled anti-aircraft vehicles.
  • Western Division: 30,000 personnel in 25 regiments, with 150 KFA Mk 4m main battle tanks and 50 AMK Johannsdorf Panzer self-propelled anti-aircraft vehicles.
  • Northern Division: 9,600 personnel in 8 regiments, with 48 KFA Mk 4m main battle tanks.
  • Southern Division: 69,600 personnel in 58 regiments, with 348 KFA Mk 4m main battle tanks, 696 KFA-Leopard I heavy armoured personnel carriers, and 116 AMK Johannsdorf Panzer self-propelled anti-aircraft vehicles.

Air Force


  • Battleship: 1 (the flag ship of the Navy)
  • Cruisers: 4
  • Frigates: 4
  • Corvette/Minesweepers: 5
  • Diesel Submarines: 10
  • Logistic Support Ships: 2