Basketbol Premyer Lig

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Basketbol Premyer Lig
Sport Basketball
Founded 2018
No. of teams 8
Nation(s) Birgeshir Birgeshir
Ceased 2020
Last champion(s) Mëzal Tjatylær BK
Most titles Otakrep Toshiba
Mëzal Tjatylær BK (1)
Related competitions MBF Club World League
Founder Deniz Yürük

The Basketbol Premyer Lig (BPL) (also known in english as Birgesh Premier Basketball League) was a men's professional basketball league in Birgeshir during its FMS affiliation on Micras. There were 8 teams in the league and they played against each other twice. At the end of the regular season,the 4 highest placed teams qualified for the playoffs. In both the semi-finals and the finals a best-of-three playoff format was used. The winner of the finals was crowned Champion.

The season spanned from September to December with games played on Saturdays while the playoffs were played from Friday to Sunday.


Basketball is a popular sport in Birgeshir as witnessed by their oldest sports club,now defunct VSK Birgeshir. Another birgesh club was founded in 2013,the Mëzal Viziers that competed along with VSK Birgeshir in the Micras Basketball Association. However,when the league died,the VSK Birgeshir became the Birgeshir national basketball team while the Mëzal Viziers became an inactive team but translated their name from english to birgesh as "Mëzal Tjatylær". In 2018,however, Deniz Yürük decided to found the first domestic basketball league in order to satisfy the birgesh basketball fans every year. The league planned to expand to 8 teams in 2020. However, it was disbanded soon after Birgeshir left Micras.


Club Location Colour
Otakrep Toshiba Tsaloj's bedroom         
Samsung Balkon Balconies         
Çeyaşladki Kæhfe BK Kitchen         
Vanya Eau de Philae Bathroom         
Mëzal Tjatylær BK Home         
Güvenkapı BK Entrance hall         
Mindælsodaspor BK Tsaloj's bedroom         
Netgear Öturma Salof Living room         

List of champions

Star Badge

Teams were permitted to place a golden star badge on their uniforms for every five national championships won.

Flag Patch

The Championship title was represented by a waving birgesh flag patch and the winning team would bear it on the uniform in the following season. This is similar to the italian "scudetto".

Champions Runners-up Regular season leader
2018 Otakrep Toshiba Mëzal Tjatylær BK Otakrep Toshiba
2019 Mëzal Tjatylær BK Otakrep Toshiba Mëzal Tjatylær BK