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Argint Citadel SF

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Argint Citadel
Argint Citadel SF.png
Full name Argint Citadel Société de Football
Nickname(s) Citadel
Founded 2022
Ground Stade de Liberté
(capacity: 18,000)
League Ligue Oportienne
2022–23 4th

Argint Citadel SF (Alexandrian: Argint Citadel Société de Football), commonly known as Argint Citadel, is an Oportian football club from the federal city of Port de Vormoune.


First team squad

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FMF eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FMF nationality.

No. Position Player Age
1 Oportia GK Boian Marcovici 24
2 Oportia DF Andrei Raduciou 29
3 Oportia DF Dany Duhamel 27
4 Oportia DF Théophile Boissonade 22
5 Oportia DF Roland Carré 28
6 Oportia MF Tavian Popa 26
7 Senya MF Marëœ Frik 28
8 Oportia MF Thibaut Gounelle 21
9 Oportia FW Valentin Stirbei 23
10 Oportia FW Simu Pîrvulescu 21
11 Oportia FW Sergiu Dita 19
12 Oportia GK Adam Gilca 20
No. Position Player Age
13 Oportia MF Flaviu Antonescu 24
14 Oportia DF Florin Costin 25
16 Oportia FW Ionatan Bucsa 27
17 Oportia MF Sebastian Bumbescu 25
18 Oportia FW Felix Pescariu 30
19 Oportia MF Aurel Teodorescu 26
20 Krasnovlac DF Forde Lokman 27
21 Oportia FW Henry Fouché 19

Former players