Amistad Star

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Amistad Star
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Riband of the Amistad Star 1st Class, 2nd Class, 3rd Class
Awarded by His Royal Majesty
Type Foreign National Medal
Awarded for Friendship with/Contribution to Gotzborg.
Status Active
Established March 16, 2004
First awarded 2006
Last awarded 2010
Total awarded 15
Recipients 15
Decoration/Medal Precedence
Next (higher) King's Porcelain Jubilee 2009 Medal
As1.gif - As2.gif - As3.gif
Medallion of the Amistad Star 1st Class, 2nd Class, 3rd Class

The Amistad Star was established by HRM King August Charles II in 2004 in order to recognize foreign nationals who the Crown considers friends and contributors of Gotzborg who are worthy of being honoured. There are three distinct classes within the Amistad Star, the 1st Class being the highest, to signify the closeness of the foreign national's relationship to the Crown. It is normally awarded during the Christmas Honours in celebration of the holiday season.


On January 21, 2010, by Royal Decree, King August Charles II rescinded all past appointments to the Amistad Star, during a re-assessment of Gotzborg's honours system following the Hiatus of 2007 to 2010.

Notable recipients

Name Class awarded Year awarded Year rescinded
HIM Osman of the Kingdom of Babkha 1st 2006 2010
HM Prince Paul I of the Kingdom of Paulovia 1st 2006 2010
Mr Koen Nevens of the Republic of Anthelia 1st 2006 2010
HIM Nathan of the Natopian Empire 2nd 2006 2010
HIM Edgard II of the Empire of the Alexandrians 2nd 2006 2010
HSIH Yonatan Tzion Yaqob of the Atteran Empire 2nd 2006 2010
Imperial Ras Charles Beard of the Atteran Empire 3rd 2006 2010
HIM Edward I of Avaricum 3rd 2006 2010
HG Jorge D'Alemida of the United Kingdom of Portugal and Algarves 3rd 2006 2010
Mr Bjorn Olsen of the Kingdom of Victoria 3rd 2010
Eihorn of the Grand Kingdom of Normark 3rd 2010
Lord Erion of Elwynn 3rd 2010
Andreas the Wise of the Nelaga Territories 3rd 2010
Sir Philip Fish of the Federated Republic of A1 3rd 2010
Kaiser Fish XII of the Imperial Republic of Shireroth 3rd 2010