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Dinas Alwyn
City of Calbion
Alwyn photomontage
The historic centre of Alwyn, viewed from above
Coat of Arms of Alwyn
Coat of Arms of Alwyn
Motto: "Porthladd i'r Gorllewin"
Location of Alwyn
Map versions 10.1.0 - current
Country Calbion
Talaith Kilkelly
Established 1525 (As Adelin)
Government City of Alwyn Government
 • Maer Rigbert McKennan
 • Legislature Cyngor y Alwyn
 • Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Constituency Alwyn
Alwyn South
Alwyn Vinandwy
Wyeforth (partly)
Population 344,550 (1696)
Demonym Alwynach
Time zone(s) CMT-7 (Pentyre Standard Time)

Alwyn (officially Dinas Alwyn, Calbic for City of Alwyn) is a Calbain city in central Kilkelly. It is fifth largest city of Calbion and the dominant settlement on the Inner Bay.


The city of Alwyn was founded in 1525 AN as Adelin by the Zindarian tribes that briefly occupied the Aeronesian archipelago. It became known as Adelwin during the Aerliggian period. During this time, the city was the capital of the Aerlig Republic. It was ruined in the late 15th century but rebuild under the Arcadian leadership. During this period, the port of Coxyde was built, as were air, and rail connections to other larger cities. One of the biggest infrastructure projects around the city was the creation of a tunnel to connect Alwyn to Kingsrock island.

Renamed Alwyn, the city gained some prominence in Calbion due to its location following the Western expansion. Alwyn became a central hub for trade and transportation to the Western part of Kilkelly island, which is sparsely populated.


The city of Alwyn is home to several industries such as steelworks, but is mainly reliant on its position as an entrepot for coal, stone and metals mined in rural Western Kilkelly.