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Official language DakaÏuru, English
Capital Rosenborg
Largest cities Rosenborg, El-Fazouli, Al-Alhi
Website Afrikaana website/forum
Forum Afrikaana website/forum
Number of citizens 200,000
Number of active citizens ~2
Date founded 1 April 2013
Government Monarchy
Current leader Adrian
Currency Dakare
National animal Phoenix
National fruit/food sugarcane
National drink Odola eta izerdia d' Bogat

Afrikaana is an autonomous region of North Antarctica, situated in southern Micras, with a population of around 200,000. The capital city is Rosenborg.


The major religion of Afrikaana is Gorogoro. This sets Afrikaana aside from any other nation (or micronation for that matter) as being the only country whose official religion is Gorogoro. This is a religion which is held only in Afrikaana, giving it it's uniqueness.

Gorogoro is focused on Vudu Magic and praying to one of seven gods, Uru, Erabaen, Afarkia, Zlatan, Bogat, Zvezda, and Rachtoma.

These gods represent the seven elements, earth, air, fire, water, sky, void, and chackra.


The Afrikaanian language (DakaÏuru) was created around the same time as Afrikaana. It is one of two official languages of Afrikaana (the other being English). It is based heavily on English with some supplements:

ä - aa

Ï- yuh

ö- oo or oa


Afrikaana's main way of transport is a series of buses that travel to the rest of North Antarctica every two hours from Rosenborg. Also, Afrikaana hosts Afrikaana Hoverport in the small town of Little Kol-pea on the coast that uses the Charon Hovercraft to transport mainly researchers and tourists to the island of Lucerne.



Afrikaana is a football based region. Although not well known internationally, Afrikaana hosts the Ligako Afrikaana, and many supporters congregate to watch these sporting events. Also, Afrikaana as a region provides football expositions to raise money for poorer people. Many residents of Afrikaana support big foreign clubs in leagues such as the Craitish league and the North Antarctica league.


Afrikaana's main food eaten by the sea are varieties of fish served with an Afrikaana-based sauce called Djubo. The sauce is said to have a tangy, spicy quality that can only be described by experiencing the taste itself. Afrikaanians also serve many Napian dishes. Also, Afrikaana holds Beerfest[1], an annual holiday where brewers of the world gather to trade beer tips and swap a brew. Afrikaana's host drink is Odola eta izerdia d' Bogat, and the celebration is held at the Tahïni Convention Center.


Afrikaana is a heavy Rock n' Roll loving region. The most famous Afrikaanian band, Däft Bass Tërd, plays regularly at Afrikaana's Beauregard Hall, and tours North Antarctica frequently.