Bovic mormons and Natopian hegemony

1676 Drak-Modani Fury elections

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A change in public opinion promoted a realignment of voter's interests in 1676, fueled mainly by the Bovinist Schism of 1676 which saw anti-Natopian sentiments on the rise. The Benacian Bagelcratican Party lost many of its voters and the Modani People's Union achieved a major victory in the promised abdication of Nathan II in 1679 but not enough to secure the chancellorship. Several rounds of coalition negotiations eventually brought the Modani People's Union together with Benacia for Benacias to form the Drak-Modan First Movement. Many of the more mainstream members of the BfB Party were able to be convinced to join the coalition without having to adopt the most xenophobic planks of the BfB Party platform. The ruling faction promised a continued push towards building bilateral alliances with Benacian neighbors, to begin to equalize the special relationship with Natopia, and continue Drak-Modan's commitments to the Raspur Pact.

The opposition parties remain aligned in the Alliance for Solidarity and Support.

Party Logo Party Leader Ideology Colour Seats
Solidarity Party Kamil Gavrilov Centrism, Pro-Raspur, Natopian-tolerant Blue
142 / 400
The Modani People's Union Davit Teimuraz Conservatism, Populist, Raspur-neutral, anti-Natopian Red
168 / 400
Benacian Bagelcratican Party Arslan Djangirov Progressive, Pro-Raspur, pro-Natopian, Green
21 / 400
Benacia for Benacians Boghos Aygul Reactionary, anti-Raspur, anti-Natopian Maroon
69 / 400