Bovic mormons and Natopian hegemony

1671 Drak-Modani Fury elections

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The 1671 government of Drak-Modan was formed by a coalition of the Chancellor's Solidarity Party and the Benacian Bagelcratican Party known as the Alliance for Solidarity and Support. The ruling faction promised a balance between building alliances and solidarity with other Vulture States to secure the long-term future prosperity of the continent while also recognizing the essential need for support from Natopia and other Raspur Pact allies.

The opposition parties did not have a formal voting bloc agreement, but frequently voted together. The Modani People's Union, a populist party that rejects all Natopian influence in Drak-Modan and frequently calls for the abdication of Nathan II and increased powers for the governor-general. Benacia for Benacians is a far-right xenophobic political party that calls for the deportation of all people not born on Benacia and rejects the foreign entanglements and burdens that the Raspur Pact places on regular Modani people.

Party Logo Party Leader Ideology Colour Seats
Solidarity Party Kamil Gavrilov Centrism, Pro-Raspur, Natopian-tolerant Blue
164 / 400
The Modani People's Union Davit Teimuraz Conservatism, Populist, Raspur-neutral, anti-Natopian Red
115 / 400
Benacian Bagelcratican Party Arslan Djangirov Progressive, Pro-Raspur, pro-Natopian, Green
71 / 400
Benacia for Benacians Boghos Aygul Reactionary, anti-Raspur, anti-Natopian Maroon
50 / 400